Towels for Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Classic® Towels Play a Critical Role in Sanitizing and Disinfecting Surfaces

Designed as a reliable and consistent tool for critical cleaning, Classic towels are engineered strong to deliver cloth-like performance with the cleanliness of disposables.

Classic nonwoven disposable towels are thick, highly absorbent and right-sized to distribute sanitizers and disinfectants over large areas allowing for thorough surface coverage and proper dwell time. They may be effectively used with both bucket and spray bottle systems, offering superior performance over cotton and microfiber towels.

Choose Classic towels and experience the peace of mind that comes with deploying a clean, fresh towel for every new application and disposing of it when the task is done. Contact us for more information about specific items.

Available Pack Options

MDI offers a wide range of put-ups. Stock item options for Classic towels include regular and high capacity reclosable dispenser boxes, and 50-count poly packs.

Satisfied Customers Include
  • Institutional and healthcare facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Transportation systems
  • Hospitality venues
  • Foodservice establishments
  • General facility maintenance