We Make the #1 All-Purpose Performance Wipe

Professional quality bonded-cellulose wipes are the leading choice for general wiping tasks.

Ultra absorbency, wipe dry performance and soft hand feel make MDI Pro-Series Champion® wipes the #1 all-purpose cleaning choice.

The Champ®

Heavy grade for best all-around performance and general cleanup. Ultra absorbent for cleaning up large liquid spills. Wipes up oil, grease and solvents.

Champion Select

Standard grade balances performance and economy. Absorbs liquid spills and is ideal for general clean-up and light industrial work.

Available Pack Options

MDI offers a wide range of put-ups. Contact us today for details about specific items.

Stock item options for Champion DRC wipers include: Totes, Two-Paks™, Pop-ups, Dispenser Boxes, Jumbo Rolls, Center-pull Rolls, Quarterfolded, Flat and Perf-pak™ dispensing poly packs.

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